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Boskoop Housing

Boskoop, NL | 7.500m2 | 2019 

On the fringe of the city centre of Boskoop, Raumplan was asked to develop a new vision for the vacant and incoherent buildings along the Overslag. This street has a central location and offers beautiful views on the characteristic tree nurseries of Boskoop. Together with the owner of the plot, Raumplan made a new masterplan that proposes several blocks of three stories for elderly apartments with non-housing functions on ground floor. On the back side, private and collective gardens are situated on top of a shared parking garage on ground floor. The scale and layout of the different volumes is carefully sculpted and connects to the surrounding buildings.

Boskoop Plan-+00.png

ground floor plan

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Project Details

- Master planning

- Energy neutral

- Residential

- Retail

The volumes are sculpted to better embed them in the surrounding. The loggias on the corner offer sunny views while opening the edges of the volumes.

The buildings have a central shared entrance. The green around the ground floor apartments offers a buffer between the private and the public.

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The bright apartments have a view over the tree nurseries to the south.

Concept image
Boskoop Plan-+01.png

typical plan

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typical plan

Team Boskoop





Boskoop Housing

Riede Development B.V.



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