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Lofthouse Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL | 2017 85m2

In the design of this loft in the Houthavens, a radical open way of living is introduced that maximises the use of space without losing moments of intimacy. Inspired by the lifestyle and design of Japanese houses, the minimal layout replaces solid partition walls with curtains and strategically places volumes to define spaces. In this way the same space can be used differently according to the needs of the residents. The combination of a smart layout, attention to detail and a beautiful curation of materials create a family ‘villa’ in the middle of the city of Amsterdam.

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RP-Loft Amsterdam_5.png
RP-Loft Amsterdam_2.png

The loft eliminates partition walls and uses curtains to either enclose sleeping and working spaces or open the loft up during the day. The curtains can be drawn to create moments of intimacy or to mediate privacy according to individual wishes. Strategically placed volumes house the bathrooms, kitchen appliances and lots of storage to enable the space to feel open and impressive. 


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Team Lofthouse Amsterdam






David & Marjanne

Mike & Bas interior

Lucas Schoot

Javi Bouw BV


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